Memorial Bench

A bench honoring someone's loved one. There are plenty of these around the Pearl River walking trail and each design is different. I think it's a nice way to remember someone.

Rodeo time!

Last week we had a Rodeo show at Mississippi State Fairgrounds. This picture was taken at Fort Worth, Tx though. Initially, I took multiple shots of the scene at a faster shutter speed to get the image sharp and nice. But then I felt that there was so much activity in the scene, which the still picture was unable to communicate. After multiple trials, I could finally get it to my liking. Please let me know if you guys like it and share your ideas too.

Do Not Distrub

This guy definitely needs his beauty sleep!


A flight that took off from Madison Flyers (a flying school in Madison, MS). I will click a picture of the school itself with all the small air planes parked in line.

Found an interesting blog with pictures from Birmingham Airport, UK.

Raised Pathway

A raised pathway at the Pearl River walking trail. A lovely spot to spend a weekend afternoon!

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