Harbor Walk

This is another of Jackson's expansion projects, although so far it hasn't worked out too well. As you can see, Spring 2007 has come and gone and there is no Harbor Walk to speak of. The city paid more than $1 million to construct a new access road, and it seems all for naught.

The idea is based on the River Walk in San Antonio, Texas. It's a very popular attraction in that city, but I think it's also because San Antonio is a popular place for people to go. Oklahoma City tried something similar. It took around ten years, but the Bricktown Canal finally came to fruition, complete with fake-y canal, Venice-like bridges (except they're made of red brick) and yellow and green water taxis. I wouldn't say the project has been a rousing success though. And I have a feeling the Harbor Walk is destined for the same fate, if it is ever finished at all.

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Southern Woods Woman said...

Where exactly is Riverwalk in Jackson? Heard some bass fishermen are using a boat landing to go bass fishing.