Going Home

After a long journey, we finally made it back to the Brave New World.

I don't think there are a lot of 747-400s still in use these days, but we flew one on the way here and on the way back. They're quite impressive planes! It's one of those that has an upstairs area for first class passengers. I was really curious to see how it looked up there. But unfortunately, I did not dare to climb the stairs for a peek.

I'm glad to be back in Jackson though. And more photos of the city are coming!


Steve Buser said...

That's one massive plane. I never had the opportunity to fly one of them.

--steve buser
New Orleans Daily Photo

Hyderabad Daily Photo said...

Do you mean now there are more 777s?
The way to the cockpit is via the first class. In the pre-9/11 days I have been on several 747-400 cockpit visits (as well as DC-10). They are really worth visiting. I was lucky enough to fly in the cockpits of Cathay Pacific 747s and the view from there is just magnificent. Adding to the list of post-9/11 no-no's is a cockpit visit. :( Even in pre-9/11 days Singapore Airlines used to have security staff in the first class (due to hijack attempts in South Asia in the past) and I was not sure they would allow, but a polite request to the staff to request the captain a visit was fruitful.