Purple Bloom

I was looking at some of the other Daily Photo blogs and for some reason flowers seem to be a popular choice today. I thought I would add my own. I'm not sure what kind of flower this is, but I found its autumn bloom lovely.

For a look at other flowers, follow these links:


alice said...

This flower like a trompet is a beautiful one, I am not sure about its name...Thank you for visiting ArradonDP and for the link. Have a good weekend!

lv2scpbk said...

Nice color. I posted a blue Morning Glory the other day.

TOG said...

It's Thumbergia grandiflora and I didn't know that it would grow that far north (from south Florida everything is north). It can have a chain of flowers, up to 2 feet long. I grew the white form and it had a chain 4 feet long. The problem was it grew like kudzu and could cover the house in 4 years.

Thiên said...

Thank you for visiting my plumeria and linking it. I'm enjoying your links to other flowers today! Have a great weekend!

joy said...

I love flowers. And this one is pretty.

Thanks for visiting Norwich Daily Photo and creating a link on your blog to mine :) May I invite you to visit my other blog Your Love Coach?

Have a great day!

Your Love Coach

Steve Buser said...

I was at lost for the name of the flower I shot, also. I suppose if I keep shooting flower shots, I should get a book on them. Too much trouble though.

Good shot. It doesn't need a name to blossom.

--steve buser
New Orleans Daily Photo

Halcyon said...

Hmmm... thumbergia grandiflora. I'm sure I'll have forgotten that by the next time I see one. :) Thanks for passing on the name though. I do like to know what kind of flowers I'm looking at.

The climate here in Mississippi is not that dissimilar to Florida. It doesn't get very cold in the winter
and it's horribly humid in the summer. Great for growing plants and flowers though.

And you are right Steve, they don't need names to blossom. But it is nice to know them anyway!