Jackson Country Club

Now that I have been informed on the real use of water towers, I find them a rather ingenious and energy-saving way to optimize water pressure in a community.

This picture was snapped at the Jackson Country Club. Something about the ultra-kitsch golf ball design attracted me. Look for more water towers to come!


TeamSplashi said...

I (hart) H2O towers, but most of the time I don`t even notice them.


Pat said...

I must get out and take a photo of Guelph's water tower!


Guelph Daily Photo, Pat's Photo-a-Day

Anonymous said...

You are really from ici? You have travelled a long way!! I like the retro kitch thing too. Very 50's Americana - beautiful but practical like a Wurlitzer

brian said...

i like water towers too... and that's a very big ball!

uncertainhorizon said...

Unique and very imaginative! I love it!!