New Year's Tradition

Here in the US, we have a tradition of eating black-eye peas on New Year's Day. They are supposed to bring good luck and prosperity in the new year. I whipped up this batch of black-eye pea salad last night to make sure my husband and I don't miss out on any of it! We need the luck for our golf game and the prosperity to buy a house.


Rambling Round said...

We had black-eyed peas yesterday too, with cornbread. What do you put in the salad?

Halcyon said...

It is sort of like a salsa. I used one pound of frozen peas, a can of white corn, a can of rotel tomatos (with cilantro and lime sauce), a couple of fresh tomatos and half an onion.

Mix everything together and top with a zesty lime vinegrette (I made mine using some of the rotel juice, fresh lime, olive oil and some spices). A delcious way to get the beans in!

PaB said...

Vous le savez surement car vous avez vécu en France mais nous avons aussi la même tradition avec les lentilles.
Belle photo aussi pour le DP Theme Day.
Bonne année et longue vie à votre blog.

isabella said...

Aaaaa...that explains why we had such an uninspiring 2007 - no black-eye peas salsa last New Year's Day!

Hope your dreams come true in 2008!

Clipper said...

During Sherman's march to the sea, he employed a scorched earth policy that was singularly effective in ending the State's Rights conflict. When the Federal forces were burning the south's crops, they failed to burn black-eyed peas, as did not know what they were and assumed them to be animal fodder. Therefore, black-eyed peas were basically the only thing southerners had to subsist on for several months after the war's end. They have been considered lucky ever since. (I ate a whole damn can of 'em New Year's Day!)