Happy Valentine's Day!

It seems that Valentine's Day is getting more and more commercial. I think flowers, cards and candy are just fine, but stuffed octopuses may be going too far!

Some of my colleagues at work brought in pastries and cupcakes today. My best buddy even brought me some strawberries because he knows I don't like junk food. I thought that was really nice. Valentine's Day doesn't really mean that much to me, but it is nice to be remembered.

Happy Valentine's Day to everyone, I hope you have someone special to share it with!


Southern Heart said...

What a thoughtful co-worker! The most special Valentines are ones with thought about *you* behind them (which is why DH bought me chocolate! :)

Happy Valentine's Day to you!

uncertainhorizon said...

Awesome Octababies! Odd though.

Amelia said...

Too commercial...and all the flowers sent to the grade school children by their parents...what about children whose parents can't afford the outrageous price for them. I think the school should put a stop to it completely!

Halcyon said...

Sending flowers to children sounds like a little much to me! We should be teaching them to enjoy the simple things.