More Graffiti

This is another piece of bathroom art from Hal and Mal's. I actually have time to post today because we have a day off from Mame!

Hal and Mal's hosts a pub quiz every Tuesday night. The questions are usually focused on music and movies, two things my husband and I unfortunately know very little about. But we always have fun drinking the microbrews and trying not to be last.

Sadly I won't be there tomorrow because we've got a pick-up rehearsal for Mame. The good news is, half the performances are done and just half to go!


Chris said...

Oooh! I do like that poster (as well as the one from theme day).

Do tell. . .I'm in the dark about Mame. Do you act? Direct? Teach?

re: World Market. . .It's a nice place but over-priced, too. I found similar stuff at Whole Foods for less (and WF tends to be over-priced!). I think one of the things I miss most about not living in OH is that there we could get tons of ethnic stuff at good prices.

Steve Buser said...

I love the art work.

Southern Heart said...

Very nice!

Best wishes with the production!

Halcyon said...

Hi Chris: I am actually acting in the show. I am a "featured dancer" in the chorus and I have a small speaking role. Unfortunately, this show has taken much more time than I expected. But it has been fun and I've made a few more friends. :D

brian said...

heheh... mama can can, here's the can!