This picture comes to you from my friendly neighborhood Kroger store! A new outpost just opened up off I-55 and today is the second time I've been there. It is quite convenient on my drive home from work and they have a large international section. My favorite area is the French aisle and I was very tempted to buy some extra-dark chocolate Petit Ecolier cookies today, but luckily I did not give into temptation!

I love this display of Swedish muesli and I think it's even funnier that it's mixed in with some Irish oatmeal. I guess those countries didn't deserve an actual aisle, so they just have to share a shelf. I wonder if Swedish people really partake in this particular breakfast delight, and if they do, is it really good?

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ptowngirl said...

With so many bags, SOMEONE must think it's good, or at least is going to be! :-)