Fondren Express

The Fondren Express will take you in and around downtown Jackson - from the University Hospital to the restaurant corner, with plenty of cute shops in between. There's nothing like a trolley ride (even if it is a really a bus) to make you feel nostalgic for ye olde days. And it adds to the quaintness of the Fondren District.


Anonymous said...

I like going on this kind of tour especially when pulled by a horse and in a carriage.

I made it this morning to look at your post and then I am off for a lung test. I hope to be finished with all tests and back to normal by the 12th or soon thereafter.

Your photograph is really nice, as usual.

PAT said...

Very nice photo!

Thank you for the comment on my Sunday Morning post. That is indeed our garden. It's actually the area around our patio. Those are hosta. We have several planted in the area, which is on the east side of our house. The dew drop hosta in a previous post is in that garden, as well.

I've just heard Mississippi is experiencing some bad weather today. Stay safe!