New Orleans Most Powerful Drink

I was in the Big Easy last week and, of course, I spent my evening on Bourbon Street. I have had a handgrenade before and it is actually quite a tasty drink. I think that is where the danger lies! Sadly, none of our German friends wanted to try one. I think they were deterred by the advertisement of it being the city's most powerful drink. I did get them to do a jello shot though!

The regularly scheduled photos of Jackson will resume tomorrow.


Chris said...

Nice shot! My bravery with drinks doesn't go beyond an appletini. ;-)

I answered your question about the volunteering on my blog.

PAT said...

Love the photo, not sure I would try the drink, though. I usually have a beer or glass of wine or an occasional Gin and Tonic.

I have Picasa2 editing program and Photofiltre. I went back in my files to see what I did to the sky picture. All I did was crop out part of our flagpole, that's on the deck. Then I clicked I'm Feeling Lucky in Picasa2 and that brought up the colors. The photo is pretty without that. But just clicking I'm Feeling Lucky put just the right amount of saturation in the color. I don't have Photoshop. The above mentioned editing programs are free. Photofiltre has a fee if you use the photos for something other than personal in commercially.

I'm learning the Canon Rebel xti. It's the first camera I've had that isn't point and shoot. I bought it in September 07. I do a lot of experimenting!!

I believe you can still plant Knockout Roses. They are certainly great little shrub roses with little or no care to worry about.

My husband J has the green thumb..I do the planning and he does the planting and care!

Thanks for your wonderful comments at the Back Porch. I appreciate them!

Jim said...

Sounds like a fun drink to me.

Blognote said...

Sounds good to me! I'd like to try.

uncertainhorizon said...

I would give it a try, but if I am correct... it will just take one. lol. I love the sign and the way the colors bleed.

Olivier said...

une belle enseigne qui donne envie de rentrer boire un verre.

a good sign that makes you want to go have a drink.

Per Stromsjo said...

So what's the status on that flooding? Has the city recovered gracefully by now?