Canton Square

Today I had lunch with some of my new jury duty friends at RJ Barrel's. It's a restaurant right on the old Canton Square. Canton is actually a place worth visiting. The city has a real old town square that is often used for filming movies and whatnot. Unfortunately, I didn't have a lot of time to walk around and take photos as we had to get back to the courthouse, but hopefully I can tomorrow.

Today we heard opening arguments and part of the plaintiff's case. I hope we'll be able to wrap things up tomorrow. It's definitely not like on TV. It's rather boring at times and the attorneys are not as eloquent.


Hilda said...

I take it you got chosen after all?

What a disappointment that must have been! But then TV lawyers have the advantage of having real writers write their speeches. :)

Z said...

I get absorbed by certain characters on shows and am always disappointed when I see interviews with the actors who play them and realize that they're nothing like the characters they represent. Nowhere near as smart or intelligent. Bugger!

Olivier said...

alors cela se passe bien ?