This waterfall was captured inside Pan Asia restaurant. It's one of the best places to eat in Jackson and they recently relocated to a brand new building which was designed and built just for them.

There was a similar waterfall arrangement at the old restaurant, but it wasn't as impressive. There's also a sushi bar - I'm sure my husband and I will be back to try it out soon.

PS: Thanks to those of you who left suggestions for my creative block. I think my main problem is a lack of time to get out and hunt for photo ops. But I have decided to try to take a fresh look at the things I see every day.


brian said...

one day when i'm rich and live in a mansion, i hope to have a waterfall in my entry way just like this! =)

Olivier said...

j'aime bien comment cela fait, c'est beau cette fontaine dans ce restaurant

I like how this is done, this is beautiful fountain in this restaurant

Hilda said...

I'm chuckling at Brian's comment. I love glass waterfalls, but not for my house, I think. Too sterile — I'd rather have a stone fountain. :D

Mmm… sushi! My husband and I love sushi! And anything Japanese, and Thai, and Indian, and Chinese… LOL! I hope they're all available in this restaurant!

Kathleen said...

A wonderful shot!!