Halloween Adventures

I know Halloween has come and gone, but I never got the chance to show all the neighborhood cuties who piled in for the annual hayride. It's funny to see them get so excited about a trip around the block on a pile of itchy hay. Ahhh.... the joys of childhood!

I'm off to China tomorrow morning. The flight lasts 16 hours. I am not looking forward to that. Let's hope I'll be able to sleep a little on the plane. I'm putting the blog on automatic pilot while I'm gone, so check back for more of Jackson.


D said...

WE had trick-or-treaters in a trailer too!
I hope you have a safe trip.
I know you'll be taking pictures!

Sally said...

Have a good trip. THanks for the kind birthday wishes.

Louis la Vache said...

Mme la Vache recently made that 16 hour trek to China - she was born there. "Louis" et Mme la Vache hope you have a safe trip - and that it's not too uncomfortable being in that flying metal cylinder for 16 hours!

Hilda said...

Kids! :D

Have a safe trip! And a great time in China! Any chance you can make a side trip to Manila? :)