While we were in Beijing, we visited a cloisonee factory. The tour was actually quite interesting and informative. We saw these vases just coming out of the fire - quite impressive. It takes 10 - 15 layers to fill up the spaces on a vase, that's pretty tedious work. But the results are worth it, the works are quite beautiful. We took home two Christmas ornaments. Funnily enough - there was even a Mississippi State Bulldogs ornament all the way in China. I should have taken a picture of that!

PS: This is my 365th post - one full year's worth of pictures.


brian said...

happy anniversary!!! mine is coming up in january =)

crittoria said...

Congratulations!! It takes dedication, doesn't it?

It's amazing to see how those vases are made!

D said...

Happy Blogoversary! That's quite an accomplishment. :)