Since I don't eat meat, I didn't try the hot dogs. I did try these mushrooms though and they were delicious!

Jackson photos will be back next week. I hope you've enjoyed this look at the holidays in Berlin!


Olivier said...

c'est bientôt l'heure du repas et cela me donne faim ;o))

Soon lunchtime and this gives me hungry ;o))

Ineke said...

looks yummy!

meggie said...

Thanks for visiting my blog, & leaving me a comment.
I am with you, I would much prefer the mushrooms, they look delicious.

roentarre said...


Yummy. I am hungry!

Hilda said...

Now this is so much more tempting than the hotdogs!

Sure did! Thank you for taking us along on your vacation :)

crittoria said...

That looks delicious!!