Happy Groundhog Day!!!

I caught this sunset on my flight today from San Diego to Atlanta. We were about 45 minutes outside of Atlanta - so these may be the skies over Jackson. The colors were stunning, although I think the people next to me thought I was a little weird for taking pictures out the window!

I spent most of today crossing the country from west to east and then back west again. Yes, when you live in Jackson, you have to go east before going west. My husband and I fully enjoyed the sunny weather and warm temps in SoCal. I could easily get used to life on the west coast.

Unfortunately, I didn't catch Puxatawnie Phil's prediction today, but I'm hoping it's for a short winter!


Olivier said...

je connais pas cette fete "Groundhog Day", cela représente quoi exactement ?

Halcyon said...

Ce n’est pas vraiment une fête, plus une tradition. Je crois qu’il date du temps de « Pilgrims ».

Il y a une espèce de marmotte qui s’appelle Puxatawnie Phil. Chaque année cette marmotte se lève le 2 février pour faire la météo. Le légende est s’il voit son ombre il y aura encore six semaines d’hiver, mais s’il ne le voit pas, le printemps arrivera bientôt.

J'en suis sur que tu puisses trouver plus d'infos sur Wikipedia en anglais. Si tout ca t'interesse, bien sur !

uncertainhorizon said...

I can not wait to see the skys again! It has been years since I have flown, I will go to the United Kingdom in March so I will see lots of the sky, I will take my camera!

Iv Sadovsky Photography said...

WOW....really...this....is like...cool!Keep on!