The Annabelle II

Since I showed you our hostess from the Belle of the Bends, I thought I'd also show our host from Anabelle. He was quite spiffy and very accomodating!

Happy Friday everyone! I'm going to be out of town again, this time in Germany so I should be able to get online. I'll be putting some of the days on auto post though. Hope everyone has a nice weekend!


Olivier said...

un superbe grille autour de la porte est très belle, on dirait de la dentelle

Hilda said...

Spiffy alright! I love seeing men all dressed up like this — wish more of them would more often. Gorgeous lacy woodwork too!

Have a wonderful time in Germany! I'm still waiting for you to say you'll come to the Philippines soon ;)

D said...

You're so jet set! Love all the old homes posts.
Have a great trip.

brian said...

looks like a southern gentleman! have a good trip!

Per Stromsjo said...

Like any gracious host should be.

Safe trip!