Fondren Village

The Fondren Village sign looks really nice at night. It's not as special-looking during the day, although I love just about everything in the Fondren area - night or day.

Does the weekend seem to be taking a long time to get here or is it just me?

I've been tagged today by Jacob at Ocala Daily Photo. Thank you so much for the honor!

Here is my list of six things that make me happy. :)

1. A good day on the golf course
2. Birds
3. A tasty salad
4. An unexpected letter/postcard from a friend
5. Spending time with my husband (on or off the golf course)
6. Comments on my blog


Olivier said...

on dirait le logo pour une marque de voiture.

Jacob said...

Looks like art deco from the the's just you. ;-)

goldensparks said...

Hi Friend.. Interesting post.. Do keep up the good work.. visit my blog and post your comments.. Take care mate.. Cheers!

Jacob said...

Oh Halcyon, I forgot to tell you - you've been TAGGED!

Check it out at Ocala Daily Photo (!

Have a great day!

Vogon Poet said...

Definitely 60's, quite nice sign. About the weekend all I could say is that we're six hour closer than you. Maybe seven, I'm not sure...

MaCoBra said...

Let me give your day an additional degree of happiness by adding a blog comment... :) I post my foto just before I head of to work and when I am still 'waking up'. Noticed a few times that there are funny 'typos'.
I noticed you like to 'review' restaurants and lunch places. I must say I never have been to the Concordia, maybe because it is just around the corner and that it is mosly empty. But I will check it out soon!

Regards from Marcel

Halcyon said...

Thanks to everyone for making me happy today! I love having little conversations on the comments section.

brian said...

i love these old signs like this! such a neat little reminder of the past!