Goodbye Mr. Melton

Rumors have been flying about the failing health of Jackson's mayor Frank Melton but they were finally put to rest early this morning when his wife announced that he passed away during the night.

Mr. Melton will probably be most-remembered for his involvement in various controversial affairs - most notably the unauthorized destruction of an alleged crack-house. He and his bodyguard stood trial for destroying private property, but were never convicted due to a mistrial. A new trial in a different county was set - but thank goodness taxpayers will now be spared that expense.

Melton was defeated in the democratic primary race for mayor earlier this week - so he would not have continued to represent our city anyway. He may be gone but he will not soon be forgotten!


Jacob said...

Interesting story. I had no idea so much excitement was going on in Jackson!

D said...

I cannot believe they were even trying him for getting rid of a crack house...well, God rest his soul.

Olivier said...

triste nouvelle pour votre ville ;o(