Steel Umbrella

I guess this is probably intended to be more of a parasol - all of those tiny holes might not be so good at keeping the rain out!

I've been testing some new settings on my camera. This red does not seem to represent the original, but it's the best I could get out of it. I guess there's more testing to be done!

Edited to add

This setting was something called "vivid color", although I couldn't tell that the color was off until I saw it on my screen at home. I worked with it a little in an editing program - but this red was more vibrant in real life.

One thing I really don't like about this camera is you have to use the manual mode to take pictures in black & white, sepia or any setting besides standard color. I've been trying the to set up my shots based on aperture or shutter speed - but sometimes the photo looks good on the camera screen and awful on my computer!


Jim said...

I like playing with the different settings. Sometimes you get something pretty neat. Of course then you have to remember what setting it was on when you got the neat pic.

Kate said...

I like the way the ribs of the umbrella photographed. Can't say that I've ever seen a steel umbrella. Sounds like there's a potential for song lyrics there! What kind of camera did you get?

I didn't ship Mr. Canon off to the factory because I thought it would take too long, but the local repair shop STILL hasn't given me an estimate since they "haven't gotten to it yet." Either they're busy with lots of back orders or they're not too organized. Hmmm! I wonder which it is!!

B Squared said...

You're getting some interesting results during this testing phase.

Halcyon said...

I use a Nikon S710 camera. It's a point and shoot but with a 14.5 megapixel capability. It gives good results but it's not as user-friendly as my old camera was. And it's sort of slow to start up.

I am thinking about buying an SLR. I used to be into the old kind of photography and making my own prints and whatnot. But now I'm not so keen on dragging around a big ole camera. I do like the results other bloggers get from their SLRs though.

Jacob said...

All the various photo possibilities can be confusing. I give you credit for experimenting with the different settings!

I would suggest that you go to Ken is a "genius," and you will find everything you could possibly want to know about taking good photographs.

Ken says the camera doesn't matter, but that's somewhat tongue-in-cheek...his point is that the person behind the camera is what is ultimately important.

You asked what kind of camera I's a Nikon D300. I also have a Nikon D70 and Lois Anne uses a Nikon D40.

I love the D300 for many reasons - one is that it gives pretty vivid colors at factory settings.

The D40 is a superb camera - and the price is right. You can get a Nikon refurbished D40 at Adorama for $375! That's not much more than you'd pay for a good point and shoot.

The D40 is smaller than the D300, and much lighter, but can do just about everything the D300 can do!

Anyway, check out Rockwell's site. I think you'll be happy you did!

Halcyon said...

Thanks so much for the advice. I am already looking at Ken's sight - very informative!

You're right $375 is not too bad. I think my current camera was around $340. I do like the results it gives on the automatic setting or the "scene" mode. But having to do it manually is a fun challenge!

Virginia said...

I love the color even though you say it's "off"! I am NOT a camera techie by any means. I agree it's who's behind the camera that counts, but...... !ha
May I suggest checking your White Balance settings? I fiddle with that a lot. Other photographers I know put the WB on auto and forget it. You might try that and just see what happens. BTW, I shoot only in color and use post processing for sepia etc. Reason being I used BW settings a few years ago and later really regretted I didn't have a particular photo in color. You can always take the color out but you can't add it in if you shoot in BW. Sorry I rambled so long! Yikes.

Jacob said...

Re: Virginia's comment. She's right about not putting color into B&W...but these days, shooting digital, it's no problem to take a shot in color and then another in B&W...just a flick of a switch...

Then you've got both. You can always fine-tune in post-processing...

Have a great day.

And Halcyon - you just can't beat a D40 for that price...

Halcyon said...

No worries about the ramble. I actually find this conversation really interesting. I agree it's probably better to take the pics in color and then post-process, but I usually don't have the time (i.e. patience) for that!

Yesterday's sepia pic was also reworked. For some reason the sepia setting on my camera turned out really red. Luckily the editing software helped brown it out.

I am thinking more and more about the D40. Maybe I'll drop a few hints to my husband. :)

Z said...

I've been waiting to buy a dSLR as well. But the issue with a large object to tote around keeps me from the purchase. The D40 or if that's now impossible to get, the D60 was something I looked at as well. Now, I'm in a holding pattern to see where the Panasonic G1 goes. The technology intrigues me and the size is more compatible with my requirements.