Hoopla Girl

Hoopla girl is the center of attraction of the picture but don't overlook the face expression on the guy standing at the back. :P


Steffe said...

Always fin to look at of course.

I see some green here, St Patrick's Day?

Halcyon said...

I got some good shots of her too. But not the man in the background. Funny!

Jacob and Lois Anne said...

She seems to be causing quite a bit of hoopla in Jackson. Reminds me of a song by Johnny Cash!

Maybe she's in training to be a belly dancer?

I tried the hula hoop thing a couple of years ago, but darn near fell on my you-know-what. Lois Anne got really good - could do something like 600 twirls at a time!

brian stout said...

love the hoopla!

for my post, it was a lame attempt at a stupid joke... equis is X and equus is horse =) don't try to learn anything from me!! =)