Mississippi Crafts Center

This modern building would be quite at home on the streets of Paris, yet here it is in the middle of Mississippi. It's one of those kinds of things that people either love or hate. I am leaning towards the loving side. I must admit I am partial to modern architecture.

The view through the wall of windows onto the Natchez Trace was really something. Heaps more interesting than what was actually inside the building.


Lynette said...

Great photo, especially in the black and white. I'm sure in color the window would be overwhelmed by the trees.

I'm curious, though. What was inside that you found not interesting?

Halcyon said...

There's not much inside really, just a shop that sells crafts and stuff. Most of it is not to my taste at all... statues carved out of wood, etc. But the building itself was really beautiful. There are a lot of nice details inside.