Ye Olde Bagel Shoppe

One of my favorite weekend treats is fresh bagels from our local bagel-ry, Beagle Bagel.

Legend has it that the owner received a beagle as a gift many years ago. He was from New York City and was a very particular eater. He wouldn't touch any dried dog food, but would only chomp down on bagels. Soon, the supply he came with dwindled and the owner decided she'd better learn to make bagels on her own. It turns out the dog wasn't the only one with a developed taste for bagels - her family and friends loved them too - so she decided to open her own shop. And thus, Beagle Bagel was born.

I'm not sure of the verity of the story, but if it's printed on their paper take-away bags, it must be true, right?

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Emig Family said...

You can't make up stories that good, so I'm sure it's true.

I heart beagles.