904 Cardigan Court

We went to visit this house today, in the hopes of purchasing it. It is in Wright's Mill, the aforementioned neighborhood with the hokey water wheel at the entrance. The house has been foreclosed and we knew that it needed some cosmetic work on the inside. The previous "owner" trashed the place before leaving and didn't bother to repair some things, like a gaping hole in the roof.

What we didn't know is that it has some major foundation problems. The foundation has shifted and one side of the house dropped about 1.5 inches. And it really shows. There are big cracks everywhere and one of the front doors looks like it could pop out at any minute.

It makes me begin to wonder if living in Wright's Mill is just a pipe dream...

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Emig Family said...

Are the trees supposed to be that tall in MS? That's kinda freaky.