I just got back in from my weekend in Florida. Although it was not much warmer there, at least it was sunny. In my absence the temperature in Jackson has improved slightly, but it's still gray.

On my way back through the Jackson Airport, this little guy caught my eye. He was handcrafted by a local artisan. It sort of reminded me of my weekend at Disney, although I guess he's not as colorful as Nemo. Still an impressive piece of work though!


Rambling Round said...

Nice fish sculpture. This is a great time of year to escape to Disney World!

Anonymous said...

I LOVE Disney in Florida. We took my youngest when she was four and I MADE everyone go again the next day and have lunch with Pooh and Tigger...again!! I think they should rename Disneyland Paris, Disneyland close to the Belgium border.

uncertainhorizon said...

Look Mommie!!!! A Mississippi Nemo!!!!