Modernity in Mississippi

I previously posted a picture from the inside of the Mississippi Craft Center. Now here's a look at the building from the outside. It's very modern, especially for traditional Jackson. I sort of like it though. It kind of grows on you. It's a nice place to visit every few months as the craft displays change. I've seen some really lovely quilts there as well as handmade wood furniture. There are lots of neat things for sale and they're all made by Mississippi artisans!

I'm really excited about tomorrow's theme day. I just hope I'll be able to get out and take my photo tomorrow, I already have something in mind. It's been so rainy around here that I haven't been snapping much. The sky is just too gray and I don't like to get wet!


Jackie said...

Interesting angle! Thanks for your comment on Glasgow DP, I'll look forward to your theme day photo later.

Anonymous said...

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Pat said...

Very interesting post today.


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