This is Berlin's very first water tower. I was designed by the English architect, Henry Gill. Work began in 1852 and the project was completed in 1875.

The building served its original purpose for many years. However, under the Nazi regime people were taken to the building and tortured in the basement. It has now been converted into apartments, although I'm not sure I'd want to live there. There might be ghosties lurking about!


Abraham Lincoln said...

Wow. It has some history to it that would be hard to find people who don't know the history and who would be willing to live there.

Your mushroom looks so different I would be afraid to eat it.

Olivier said...

Berlin est une très belle ville avec une superbe architecture.
C'est un beau château d'eau mais avec une histoire bien triste.
J'ai vu la victoire de l'Allemagne, cela devait être la fête à Berlin. A Évry, c'est le jour de la qualification de la Turquie que cela a été la fête, car il y a beaucoup de turques qui vivent dans mon quartier, alors coup de klaxons pendant une longue partie de la fin de soirée. Et ce soir : VIVE LA FRANCE.

Berlin is a beautiful city with superb architecture.
It is a beautiful water tower but with a very sad story.
I saw the victory of Germany, it should be the celebration in Berlin. A Evry, is the day of the qualification of Turkey that it was the feast, because there are many Turkish living in my neighborhood, then horns for a long part of the late evening. And tonight: VIVE LA FRANCE.

Jim said...

Its a strange looking building, I could live there, but not sure I would want the basement apartment.

Steve Buser said...

They must be interesting apartments with the circular shape.

Rambling Round said...

Interesting architecture and history!

Mary Helen said...

What a awesome place Berlin must be with all of those old buildings.
I hope you are enjoying your trip.

I have never been in Mississippi...
but have seen the Mississippi River.
Loved touring your site.

brian said...

what an interesting history... i find the idea of ghosts kind of cool, but probably not ones that had been tortured... i agree w/ jim, maybe the building but not the basement!

Louis la Vache said...

There is no way that "Louis" would live there given that the Nazis used the basement as a torture chamber! What a horrible time that was!