Men's Championship

For some reason, our golf course decided at the last minute to have the men's championship this weekend. My husband played and did quite well.

Unfortunately, the final flights hadn't finished when we left so I don't know who the club champion is. In any case, my husband had fun and he made it in before the rain started. I don't think the champion flight was so lucky, but I guess that's the price you pay to be the winner.


Per Stromsjo said...

Winning is tough but someone has to do it! ;)

(I wouldn't know one end of a golf club from the other...)

Olivier said...

j'avoue ne pas tout bien comprendre dans le calcul des points au Golf. J'en ai fait une fois et j'ai été lamentable, mon prof a beaucoup rigolé (pas méchamment) ;o).

I admit not all well understood in the calculation of points Golf. I did once and I was miserable, my teacher laugh a lot (not bad) ;o).