Gustav and Golf

Luckily Gustav did not hinder our Sunday afternoon golf game. Mississippi Governor Haley Barbour did declare a state of emergency though - the major highways that run through the state (I-55 and I-59) are running northbound only in all lanes to help facilitate evacuation.

Jackson hotels are full to the brim and even our golf club got some extra business from the ladies golf team at Tulane. They used their Sunday afternoon to train for an upcoming tournament. The storm is scheduled to hit tomorrow. I hope everyone in the area stays safe. It looks like Jackson won't be seeing much action.


Olivier said...

ce terrain de golf est magnifique. Je joue pas au golf, mais pour faire une promenade.

this golf course is magnificent. I not play golf, but to take a walk.

Chris said...

When we move, we're looking at buying a house on a golf course. . . Of course, we don't golf. . . just want the beautiful view. . .like this one!!

I meant to tell you I like the new blog look.

Louis la Vache said...

"Louis" is trying to make the rounds and see how his friends in the south are doing in the wake of Gustav.

Per Stromsjo said...

A grey and calm morning in Stockholm. Sometimes one appreciates quiet and even boring weather. Take care.