Getting Ready for Gustav

Apparently Gustav is on a course for the Gulf of Mexico. After Katrina, I guess people around here take the warnings pretty seriously. The lines for gas at the Kroger have been snaking outside into the streets. And Wal-Mart just keeps putting pallette after pallette of bottled water out for purchase.

I did stock up a little on extra cans and frozen stuff, but I didn't buy into the worries about not having water, etc. I don't think Jackson will be in any major danger since we're pretty far inland. I guess if we are, my husband and I will just have to drink diet coke and beer!


Virginia said...

We get a snow scare about once every winter. Everyone frantically rushes to the grocery store for milk and bread. I head to the liquor store or the wine aisle. Priorities.

Halcyon said...

Good idea Virginia! Maybe I should stock up on tequilla for margaritas too! :)

Columbo said...

Hopefully you will be fine up where you are. I just saw the intensity jumped to a CAT 4 with 145PMH winds. Going to a CAT 5! Scary situation for New Orleans and the rest of Gulf Coast. I just hope it stalls and goes West for awhile. Anyway, great shot. Hang in there.