Semper Fi

This boat was actually grounded during a storm a few weeks ago. No one seems to know exactly what happened, but I bet there was alcohol and high winds involved!

I don't know how they'll get it out, but my guess is the Semper Fi may not be seaworthy for much longer.


A. Boyd C. said...

Sailboats have ended up in just about the same position and at the same location after a storm with no alcohol but a fair amount of bad sailing involved.

If the pontoons on a boat like that are foam-filled then you pretty much gotta blow them up to sink them.

Getting it off the dang rocks is gonna be a problem though.

Olivier said...

waouh....c'est impressionnant et cela fait peur...j'espère qu'il n'y avait personne dans ce bateau.

waouh .... is impressive and it's scary ... I hope there was nobody in this boat.

Halcyon said...

I don't really think the pilot (captain?) was drunk at the time... at least I hope not! :)

This boat has been there for about two weeks now though. No one seems to know exactly how it got stuck. And it doesn't seem like anyone is in a hurry to get it un-stuck either.

Virginia said...

NOw that's a mess. Maybe after Fay dumping so much rain on our area, it will float back out.

D said...

Wow, a high profile boat in a windstorm is a recipe for disaster. I've been there, it's FRIGHTENING.

Kris said...

People on the drink do do silly things,,,,