Newstage theater's concession/interval area doubles as a gallery during main stage shows. This painting is allegedly a scene from Munich. I have been to Munich a couple of times and I don't really see it but it is a nice painting nonetheless. I'll show some more paintings from the gallery tomorrow.

Also, heartfelt thanks go out to Evry Daily Photo for the Kreativ Blogger award. As part of the deal, here are a list of six things that make me happy and six of my favorite blogs. Neither of these lists is in any particular order.

A good score in golf.
Chocolate anything.
Getting something in the mail that's not a bill or junk.
Finishing a good book.
A cozy Saturday morning breakfast with my husband.
Watching Law & Order.

Terrel, TX by Brian
Memphis, TN by Southernheart
Villigin, Switzerland by Z
Selma, AL by Rambling Round
Sydney, Australia by Sally
Stockholm, Sweden by Per Stromsjo


Olivier said...

j'ai vécu à Munich (mais je me rappelle rien, j'avais 2 ans ;o) ).
Je sais pas si cela représente vraiment Munich, mais j'aime bien ce style de peinture.

I lived in Munich (but I remember nothing, I was 2 years ;o)).
I do not know if this is really Munich, but I like this style of painting.

Z said...

Oh, I'm so honored and motivated! Makes me want to do an even better job with the blog! Thank you and 'see' you in Villigen soon.

brian said...

Thank you!! I'm honored to receive the award also!! I like everything on your 6 favorite things list too, except golf...and of course I've never met your husband ;-)

Tanya said...

Oh I like this painting too. I love the colors, gives me a happy feeling :)

Congrats on your award and I like your list of 6 things you like. I LOVE chocolate too!

Sally said...

How lovely! Thankyou so much! Am interested in public art wherever it is - one of the most civilising things we do as humans :-)

Per Stromsjo said...

That's very kind of you. Many thanks from us in Stockholm. And I do so agree about chocolate... :)

Rambling Round said...

Thanks for the honor as one of your favorite blogs. Yours is a favorite of mine too!