Rocky Horror Picture Show

Remember I told you awhile back about the auditions for Rocky Horror? I did get offered a part in the chorus, but I decided to do Murder on the Nile instead.

In any case, I went to see the show this weekend. Both my dh and I really enjoyed it. It was performed in the old Pix movie theater in the Fondren District of Jackson. Everyone had to bring their own chairs as the theater is gutted. The stage was quite creative, I was really impressed with the use of video and a minimal set to convey the story. All of the actors brought so much energy - overall it was a great show. I sort of wish I had been a part of it.


Olivier said...

je ne connais pas la version th√©√Ętrale, mais c'est un film culte pour moi. Je suis fan fan fan
I do not know the theatrical version, but it is a cult film for me. I am fan fan fan

Per Stromsjo said...

From murder to horror then... Is this a trend? ;)

Dan Allen said...

Rocky Horror Picture Show -- wow, that brings back memories. We used to go see it every weekend at the Delco Plaza in York, PA, when I was in high school. And yes, that was a long time ago.