Old Court House

After sating our appetites and shopping around, we headed a few blocks down to the Old Court House. The building itself is quite impressive and although it does not serve its first purpose any more, the Civil War Museum inside is quite interesting. It's amazing how many artifacts are still preserved. I'll show more of the museum this week.


Olivier said...

dans toutes les villes americaines, je trouve les "Court House" tres belles, alors qu'en France, elles n'ont rien d'originales.

jlstevens1 said...

Actually this photograph is of the Old
Mississippi State Capitol Building on
State St.
It was in service from 1833-1903

Halcyon said...

I took this photo and it is the Old Courthouse in Vicksburg.

Jon said...

Halcyon, of course you are correct that the photo you took above is the Old Court House in Vicksburg. Jlstevens1 above is mistaken. This building, now housing a museum, is on the National Register of Historic places and is the most beloved landmark in my hometown of Vicksburg. Thanks for your great photos on these posts showing Vicksburg to your viewers.
Jon at Mississippi Garden