Skywatch Friday

Belk's is one of two department stores we have here in Jackson, the other being Dillard's. I took this photo yesterday evening. Somehow the sky does not look as pretty in the photo as it did in person. It was sort of pinkish-orange and just peeking out behind that clock tower.

Happy Friday everyone. Be sure to check out other skies around the world at Skywatch.


Olivier said...

une belle tour-horloge.

Walker said...

Nice picture of an interesting sky.

Dee said...

It can be frustrating with things don't turn out the way they looked. Nice shot though.

Dewdrop said...

Sky shots are hard when they are really bright. Try "playing" with various settings on your camera. Read through your manual to see what options you have.

It frustrates me when my pictures don't come out looking anything like what I was seeing.

Chris said...

It's funny how cameras read light, isn't it?

Re: Your questions on my blog: Yes, Union U is in Jackson, TN. It's the school whose dorm was blown over by the tornado last March or April. Roger teaches English.

And the minus 6-5-4 days? Until Obama takes office. I can't wait.

Halcyon said...

I guess it is a good idea to read the manual. I got the camera before my China trip so I could take wonderful photos. But I admit I only skimmed the manual. :S

Chris: Was not even thinking about the inauguration. But that makes perfect sense! This one is going to be for the history books.

Colin said...


Bonne annee a toi aussi

Good pix, but looking at Jackson, and you seeing mine from the Gulf, we both have cause to miss where we used to live!

Virginia said...

We both had the same idea today. I love to photograph churches. Maybe next visit to Paris,another obsession!

Eds said...

The sky is very clear!

Happy skywatching! :)