Fondren II

I have it on good authority that Kolb's has been in this location for 40 years or more. I like the old-timey look of the sign. I wonder if it really is old, or if they just made it to look that way to fit in with the Fondren feel.

I also like that they have a night drop for customers to leave their clothes after-hours, although I'm not sure how they distinguish whose clothes are whose, but I guess they have some way of figuring it out!


MaCoBra said...

That is an interesting post. I have seen that the centres of towns and cities are quiet in the U.S. and live goes on at the malls, which is a pitty. It feels like a city without a hart. Maybe the crisis will put the big giants out of buisiness and local buisiness grows again?

D said...

I liked this pic so much, it inspired me to go take one of our old cleaners downtown. They have a cool vintage sign. I'll post it sometime soon. :)