This past weekend, my husband planted a rose garden for me. It was actually a birthday present from my MiL, but you can't really find nice roses to plant in October - so we waited until spring. I chose two Mister Lincolns, two Queen Elizabeths and one Peace rose. I would have liked an April in Paris - but they didn't have any at this particular garden shop.

This rose is actually from the golf course, but I hope to have plenty of my own to show you soon!


Olivier said...

Tiens un oiseau qui chante tiens un enfant qui joue
Une fleur qui s'invente un printemps pour deux sous
Tiens un soleil qui brille d'où sort-il celui-là
Des gens qui me sourient ça existe tout ça

J'avais oublié que les roses sont roses
Salvadore Adamo

Belle rose

Rambling Round said...

An American beauty!

Jacob said...

A rose is a rose is a rose and this one is gorgeous...I'm sure yours will be, too!

Virginia said...

This is gorgeous. I thought it was a peony. Hey, you should plant a peony bush. I wanted to buy some at the grocery store yesterday and they were $6 per bloom!!! Yikes. Can't wait to see your roses. If you have a place for a climber, try Lady Banks. They bloom all summer long.


Jilly said...

How lovely - a rose garden for you. Peace is such a beautiful rose, well they all are. Your photograph today is just gorgeous. What a rose that is!Good luck with the garden and I'm looking forward to seeing the results.

Rosa Banksia is flowering in my garden at the moment. I love that too.

brian said...

i love roses, i like darker ones - but these are beautiful when they're full like this one too!

Shadow said...

Pretty pic, nicely done! Oh, by the way, we could always initiate a conersation by saying something like, "Just the other day, I saw some happy graffiti on a very festive bench..." ;)

Kate said...

I checked all the links and would have a hard time choosing, I think. Good luck with your rose garden and am waiting for the results!

D said...

What a sweet present! I can't wait to see your garden in full bloom.