Viking Classic

I drove up to Annandale today to see the final round of the Viking Classic. It's a minor stop on the PGA tour, and luckily one of my husband's favorite players, Alex Cejka, was playing. We followed him through 18 holes and cheered him on the best we could. He ended up at two par under today and nine under overall. He tied for eighth place with two other golfers. Unfortunately, you couldn't take pictures, but here's a shot of the scoreboard.

We had a good time, but walking 18 holes was tiring. And we weren't even carrying clubs! I can't imagine how the caddies get through it. It must be in the hopes of a big payoff. Traditionally they get 10% of the player's winnings. Today Cejka earned $100k so that gives his caddie $10k. I think he earned every penny in today's heat!

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Lynette said...

Just reading about the heat makes me glad once again that Mama and I moved to Portland, Oregon, in June, 2006. We do enjoy looking at your photos, though, and remembering what we love about the Jackson metropolitan area and our family and friends there.