It's sort of funny to see cotton growing in a field instead of woven into a sweater. Even the clouds looked sort of cotton-y today!


Uli said...

It was the biggest Baumwollfeld I have ever seen. Very attractive.

Hyderabad Daily Photo said...

Interesting. Reminds me of George Washington Carver who helped the farmers in the South because the soil there was depleted by cotton.

From the wikipedia entry on GWC:
"In the post-Civil-War South, an agricultural monoculture of cotton had depleted the soil, and in the early 1900s, the boll weevil destroyed much of the cotton crop. Much of Carver's fame was based on his research and promotion of alternative crops to cotton, such as peanuts and sweet potatoes. He wanted poor farmers to grow alternative crops as both a source of their own food and a cash crop."

Viola said...

It is a little different from my post of a cotton field. I bet the cottons just began to open, with more green leaves.