Pelican Cove

This is a new establishment on the Rez. I drove by it when I took my photo of the rainbow last week. It looks like an interesting place and they have a lovely terrace right on the lake. I should probably give it a try before the weather starts getting cold.


Hilda said...

That terrace sounds very appealing to me too. Don't forget to take photos! ;)

Olivier said...

tu vas pouvoir profiter de la terrasse mais en été o;)

you will enjoy the terrace but in the summer o;)

Z said...

Photos from the terrace, please!

BTW, those lace cafe curtains aren't my cup of tea either, but over the last couple of years, I have grown to like them in settings such as the one in today's photo on my blog. Your little tirade made me laugh!

Pelican Cases said...

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Anyways, until the next time I run across your page, c ya' ciao!