Unwelcome Visitors

Last week, my husband went outside to change a lightbulb in front of our garage. He came back inside complaining that some animal had bitten him. I took a look at the injury and asked if he had seen something flying around. He said no. I wasn't sure what it could have been. I looked around the area in front of the garage - nothing.

A few days later, he went out to mow the lawn. The "animal" got him again and then a third time. This time he described the sting as if someone rammed a dull needle into his arm. Ah ha! Now I knew we were talking about some kind of wasp or hornet. This time when I went outside I saw a whole swarm of them buzzing around our Japanese box hedge. I told my husband he'd better make a run for the Wal-Mart for some spray.

We sprayed out the offending bush and found not one, but two nests. The next day we still saw wasps swarming around in the area and we found this nest on the back of our shutter. The picture was taken post-spray. I find it interesting that the spray seems to preserve them in whatever position they were in pre-spray. I'm glad they're gone though and let's hope they don't come back!


Olivier said...

la ruche est vraiment grande, vous avez de la chance qu'elles ne soient pas énervées et qu'elles soient parties.
the beehive is really big, you are lucky that they are not irritated and that they leave.

Halcyon said...

Elles étaient bien énervées. Elles ont piqué mon mari trois fois ! La seule raison qu’elles soient parties est que nous les avons tués avec le spray. :)

Cette photo a été prise apres la traitement. Je n’aurais pas oser a m’approcher sinon.

Photo Cache said...

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crittoria said...

Oh, I hope they go away!! I hate getting stung!! Your poor husband...

brian said...

hehehe... this is what i had on my front porch a while back =) they are annoying, but i haven't been stung in a long time (knock on wood) =)

Rambling Round said...

Ouch! I can sympathize with your husband. I got stung on my hand a couple days ago when I got the newspaper.There was a guinea wasp nest in the back of the box, and one of the critters was in my paper.

Z said...

Gah! One of my fears whenever I'm outside and some buzzing critter comes up to me.

Kate said...

Those pesky little critters can certainly make their presence known! Interesting photo, too!

Hilda said...

I'm glad your husband didn't turn out to be allergic to their sting — that would've been awful.

And you've just reminded me that we have to get rid of the bee's nest at the side of our house while the weather's cool.