100 Strangers

I decided to post this as part of Birmingham Alabama's 100 Strangers challenge. These are some of the winners of last Friday's Bingo game who graciously posed for me and the club photographer. I believe the woman in the blue windsuit was the night's big winner.


Olivier said...

dans vos bingos on gagne de l'argent, en France c'est des cadeaux mais (enfin je n'en connais pas) jamais de l'argent.
Sympathique de ce laisser prendre en photo.

Halcyon said...

I was also surprised that there were real cash prizes. Usually the "money" is in the form of a pro shop gift certificate. I'm not sure that playing bongo for cash is really legal. But I won't tell if you won't!

JM said...

They look like they had fun! :-)
I've only played bingo on a small cruise (my 1st time in Marocco) and I won the 1st prize on three different nights! lol! I began to feel embarassed as everyone on the ship already knew who I was... :-)