I got my haircut yesterday - although I did not go to Bob's, I just love this sign. I'm not sure what a "California Concept" is, but I can just imagine the stylists taking a trip over to Willits to learn all the lastet techniques!

Happy Friday everyone! For a look at other skies around the world, check out skywatch.


Olivier said...

une publicité, et une coupe gratuite ;o)))

Ineke said...

californian concept makes me think of blond and long.
You've been treating yourself well with the spa and all :)

Have a good weekend. With 25C (that an average summer day in the Netherlands, so i am insanely jealous) that shouldn't be too hard.

Halcyon said...

I am going on vacation next week - so I have to look my best!!! :-)

Hopefully it will be at least 28 or so in the Carribbean.