Flowers IV

This is another specimen from my MiL's garden in Berlin. In German it's called a Christmas Rose. I've never heard of that before - but apparently this flower is very sensitive and difficult to grow. My MiL said this is the first year they've had such nice blooms on it. It probably wouldn't do well in my beds. I need the easy stuff like pansies and daisies.

The crocuses have also opened. It looks like spring has finally sprung in Berlin!

Happy Friday everyone! I'll be back in Jackson next week.


Olivier said...

La fleur du jour, superbe

Anonymous said...

It looks a lot like what we call Mock Orange. It made a nice photo.

We had thunderstorms last night and lots of rain and lightening.

Jacob said...

Flowers just lift one's spirits. Have a good trip home!

Per Stromsjo said...

Lovely crocuses. They're a bit shy though - I couldn't enlarge them.

Safe trip!

Walker said...

Beautiful capture, lovely flowers.