Lutheran Church

In Germany, the states have a religious affiliation to the Catholic or Protestant (Lutheran) church. Berlin is a protestant state - so there are loads of lovely Lutheran houses of worship. The bad thing about living in a Protestant state is you don't get all the Catholic holidays off from work - like 15 August (Mary's trip to heaven day).

Unfortunately, I didn't catch the name of this one. And chances are, it doesn't have a website anyway!

We're flying back to Jackson today. It's been a lot of fun here in Berlin, but it's always nice to come home. I just hope the weather is ok. I heard the south has been hit with a lot of storms and rain.


Hilda said...

The Philippines is a Catholic country yet we don't have as many days off work because of Catholic feastdays as in Europe. Not even in the Catholic university where I work! But one long break is coming up next week, beginning Holy Thursday! I am sooo looking forward to it. I'm going to vegetate! :D

Have a safe trip home! And thank you for taking us along on your vacation!

Virginia said...

we're getting a freeze tomorrow night. Get your plants in>
PS Have a safe trip home.

Jacob said...

That's the trouble with those Lutherans: it's always work, work, work!

Actually, the Jews should be in charge; they have the most days off of anybody!

Per Stromsjo said...

Good to see fresh evidence of spring coming our way. So far, it's mostly pollen up here. At least, that's the way it feels!