Ye Olde Bagel Shoppe

One of my favorite weekend treats is fresh bagels from our local bagel-ry, Beagle Bagel.

Legend has it that the owner received a beagle as a gift many years ago. He was from New York City and was a very particular eater. He wouldn't touch any dried dog food, but would only chomp down on bagels. Soon, the supply he came with dwindled and the owner decided she'd better learn to make bagels on her own. It turns out the dog wasn't the only one with a developed taste for bagels - her family and friends loved them too - so she decided to open her own shop. And thus, Beagle Bagel was born.

I'm not sure of the verity of the story, but if it's printed on their paper take-away bags, it must be true, right?

Another Heron

I know I said I was trying to get away from the nature theme, but I just couldn't resist. These birds are such beauties. Apparently white herons are called egrets. You learn something new every day!


Our househunting days may finally have come to an end. We've found a very nice possibility in a neighborhood called Wood's Crossing. This sign may soon disappear from the front lawn.

Mississippi Crafts Center

This modern building would be quite at home on the streets of Paris, yet here it is in the middle of Mississippi. It's one of those kinds of things that people either love or hate. I am leaning towards the loving side. I must admit I am partial to modern architecture.

The view through the wall of windows onto the Natchez Trace was really something. Heaps more interesting than what was actually inside the building.

Golf Mania

I admit, I probably have too many pictures from the golf course on this blog. But it's a place where I really enjoy spending my time. And there are many beautiful photo ops there, if you have the time to go for them!

I hope you'll enjoy this putt on the 18th hole. I'm working on some other sources of inspiration as well.


Both the heat and rain combine to make Mississippi a very green place.

Someday I hope to visit the Delta and see the real swamps!