Northpark Mall

Jackson only has two traditional enclosed shopping malls, Northpark and Metro Center. Neither one has an outstanding selection of stores, but I usually go to Northpark because it's not too far from where I live. There is also a nice shopping area called Dogwood Festival on Lakeland Drive. It's all outdoors though and sometimes you just need the refreshing feeling of the mall.

Madison County Building Codes

Madison County building codes require that all buildings have brick facades, or at least have bricks somewhere visible to passersby. This requirement leads to offices looking distinctly residential.

Drive Thru Banking

Drive through banking is something I had totally forgotten about before moving back to the US. Europeans would most likely find the idea abhorrent, it's just another way we avoid moving our lazy rumps!

I think it's sort of ingenious though. I mean, we've taken an old, obsolete technology and given it a new use. And I bet if they started installing them around France, people would use them... they just wouldn't like to admit that they enjoyed the convenience!


Many (including my husband) say this is Jackson's finest restaurant. Tonight was my first taste. We were accompanied by a French-Swiss gentleman, a colleague of my husband's who is here on business. I thought it would be a good chance to practice my French, but we ended up staying with English all night.

The food was good though, the drinks too! I'm not sure if I would consider it my favorite restaurant, that honor has yet to be bestowed on any restaurant in the city. But I would certainly come back. I had an ahi tuna mixed with crab meat salad. It was good, but next time I would just go for the ahi tuna steak. The men had the Henry IV steak, which I'm told is the best cut of meat you'll ever taste. I'll trust their judgment on that.

Mum's the Word

A colorful display of mums has been set up at my local fruit stand. Summer (at least by the calendar) is coming to an end and it's time to get some autumnal plants out into the garden. Although I'm not a big fan of mums, they remind me too much of funeral flowers, I have to admit the reds, yellows and purples here are really lovely.

New Stage Theatre

This is Mississippi's one and only professional theater, working hard to bring culture to the masses.

The 2007-08 season sounds promising. I am seriously contemplating purchasing season tickets, although I had rather hoped to be in one of the plays rather than just a spectator.