This photo comes to you from the Mississippi Vietnam Veterans Memorial in Ocean Springs. The memorial is really lovely, a very simple structure built of black and white granite with the names and pictures of the men who gave their lives engraved into the stone.

I was really touched by this Bible verse and the reflection is perfect. May we never forget these young men who gave their lives in the name of our country.

Happy weekend everyone. Click on the reflections link to see more reflections from around the world.

PS: I forgot about today's theme day. Unfortunately I don't have an entry for Jackson, but you can see a statue I found in NYC here.


This bench is right in front of New Stage Theater. I've been spending my evenings there this week in preparation for the big reading this weekend. It's been fun getting to know new people and of course it's exciting to work on a brand new play!

Tonight is our evening of respite, but we'll be back in the theater at 10am tomorrow. May the best show win!

Giant Azaleas

More azalea bushings. These come to you from Shell Landing Golf Course on the Gulf Coast of Mississippi. I can't believe how full they were!!


My azaleas looked beautiful this year. Sadly the blooms have now faded or blown away with the recent winds. I enjoyed them while they were here though. And I have some wonderful photographic memories!

PS: I'm going to be in a play reading this weekend at New Stage Theater. Each year the theater hosts a play-wrighting competition and the theater hosts staged readings of the top three before choosing the winner. My play is written by a local playwright, so I'm obviously rooting for her to win. It's at 3pm this Saturday, if anyone around town wants to stop by, it's free and open to the public.

Blue Man

This is my newest backyard visitor, a blue grosbeak. I've seen him at the feeder for about a week or so now. I believe he's made a home in one of my neighbor's trees. He's a beautiful friend and I'm looking forward to more visits!

Railway Bridge

This is the old railway bridge connecting the gulf cities of Biloxi and Ocean Springs. I'm not sure if the bridge is still in use or not. There is a turning portion to allow for ships to pass through, but it was always open when we drove past.

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