Yarber's Floral Shop

I noticed this colorful display outside a florist's shop recently. What could be a better way to advertise flowers than with flowers?

Bon Appetit!

I found these little fellows to be funny and cute. And very appropriate for Mississippi with all of our alligators! Here's wishing you a bon weekend!

Mermaid at the Fountain

I was wandering through one of Jackson's more upscale shopping areas recently when I came across this fountain. To be honest, I haven't seen many fountains here in the city. Maybe they don't want to waste water?

In any case, I found this mermaid in the courtyard style shopping village to be a charming change from the usual strip malls.


My husband and I made a bet when we flew back from Berlin. He thought we would get stuck in NYC and I said we would make it home. In the end, we made it home, although we were delayed 3+ hours.

Since I won, my husband had to take me out to dinner at a restaurant of my choosing. I was between Bravo and Rossini's - both Italian joints. We ended up at Bravo. The victuals were quite tasty and we drank some very potent red wine - luckily it didn't affect his golf game the next day. At the end of the meal, we indulged in some chocolate cake. Mmmm... I hope to be back at Bravo soon!

Plants on a Cart

I spotted these plants in front of an antique store recently. I think they're supposed to look old-timey or something. I thought the effect was pretty nice.

Local Artistry

I saw these paintings at a local cafe. I love the colors and how they contrast with the brick wall.

Men's Championship

For some reason, our golf course decided at the last minute to have the men's championship this weekend. My husband played and did quite well.

Unfortunately, the final flights hadn't finished when we left so I don't know who the club champion is. In any case, my husband had fun and he made it in before the rain started. I don't think the champion flight was so lucky, but I guess that's the price you pay to be the winner.